Funding for this project was provided by USDA’s Risk Management Agency, the Delaware Department of Agriculture, and the University of Delaware.

The authors would like to express their appreciation to the many contributors to this project, including Jamie Wasemiller of the Gulke Group (707-365-0601; and Silveus Financial ( Charlie Stubbs, Grain Merchandiser, Perdue Farms, Inc. deserves special recognition for his insights into the intricacies of the many marketing alternatives that are available to the grain farmer. 

We also extend special thanks to the many farmers who have shared their grain marketing decisions over the years. Assisting them with their decisions helped to make this primer possible.

A debt of gratitude and a special tribute are extended to Professor Emeritus T.A. Heironymous, University of Illinois, for his early work on the subject of hedging. He is accredited with providing the initial impetus for employing futures and, later, options strategies into commercial farming operations.

Web development was provided by Stan Coplan of MegaMedia, Inc., which specializes in using innovative interactive media for a variety of applications.


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